Healing Clay

Antibacterial clay for possible relief from antibiotic-resistant superbugs,

bridges the gap between native healing and science.

Letters from those who have tried it...

“I have used [the clay] a lot in the last couple of weeks. First on wounds from an over-excited puppy I was taking care of, and then, a lot of mosquito bites. It worked very well on the tooth mark wounds (I am taking medication that causes me to bleed more than normal, and take longer to heal.) It stopped the bleeding immediately and caused a scab to form much more quickly than bandaids. It provided pretty instant relief from the bug bites with less itching afterwards. Thank you.”


“I had either a sprained big toe or gout. I put some clay on the affected area and the stiffness/minor pain was alleviated within about 36 hours. I am pretty sure the clay accelerated the healing process.”


“Over the last few months my husband has put healing clay on his toenail, which is thick from a fungal thing. He’s had it for 10 years or so. His toenail started drying up and cracking apart. Now it’s about half gone (with a new, normal looking toenail underneath). Just a few months, it looks like it’s fixing the problem, when doctors kept wanting to prescribe a liver-damaging costly drug.”


“After using the antibacterial clay for a couple of years now, I am delighted to report on all the ways it has been immensely helpful.

 It has relieved the symptoms for many kinds of bug bites (spiders, mosquitoes, bees, black flies).  Itching goes away within minutes and the bites have disappeared entirely by the next day. It has helped open wounds to heal quickly and removed all signs of infection. I have used it on fairly large, open, sometimes infected cuts. I have used it after weeding my garden. After pulling large patches of thistle and cheatgrass, my arms are often covered with stinging welts. I make a slurry of the clay and spread it on my arms. Within minutes the stinging itch is gone and an hour or so later the welts have disappeared! It is useful for removing fine cactus glochids and spines. It pulls out the fine spines and takes away the stinging, also keeps them from getting infected. I have used it on a small reoccurring Basil-Cell Carcinoma. In the past when the Carcinoma would show up, I would go to my doctor and she would freeze it off. Now as soon as the area starts to show signs of reoccurring I cover it in the clay overnight and in the morning it has receded. I keep the clay on it for another day and it is gone. No freezing no healing wound and no more scarring. It seems to pull various toxins out of the skin. I keep a jar of it around the house and take it with me on hikes and road trips. I have passed it along to friends who have reported similar beneficial results. Thank you for sharing this amazing healing clay with me.”


“First, let me tell you that my father used to tell me that if an animal had an infection and went and rolled in clay, I should let it stay on. So, here is what I have used it on and how it performed. June 2015 I applied it to a “spot” on my foot that refused to heal and itched. It was not large but it bothered me and had been there since a trip to Malaysia two years previous. There were actually two places with one more irritating than the other. I put the clay on and there was relief. I kept replacing the clay after a shower for about a week with significant reduction in redness and itching. At some point during the second week they seemed healed, but I kept the clay up for another full week. Since this time I have used the clay on other small cuts as a preventative and it seems to assist healing. I have also used it on bug bites (bugs love me and the bites do not go away soon or easily). It seems to help. I love the clay and would hope to get more somehow when this runs out.


"I've had two great results with the clay on dogs. First, my Border collie had a tick that I missed until it was the size of a dime. I got it off but the area around it was severely swollen and infected. I put some on when he went to bed. The next morning it had healed so well I couldn't even see where the tick had been. Later a friend's pit-bull puppy got into a nest of fire ants, with big red welts all over his stomach. Again, after leaving it on overnight, he was like new the next day."


"I now live in Macon Georgia, one of the world’s most desirable retirement communities. Right now we are several weeks into that season which makes the area so damnable: “dog days.”  90 days of above 90° temp and 90% humidity.  Actually, it's not as comfortable for the residents as for the mosquitoes.  My son and two of my grandkids were here for 3 weeks (they just left) and the youngest grandson, Tom, suffered terribly from the bugs.  They don’t actually bother me so much, but Tom just welts up, and he gets lots of bites cause he’s not that aware of what’s causing it.  Marion had given me a small tub of your experimental antibiotic clay when I was out there in June.  It is wonderful on mosquito bites!  It takes the itch and sting out and the bites heal up quickly!!  All of us used it, with great results, but Tom benefited the most.  On his last visit a few years ago he went back to California with a serious case of mosquito “measles,” but this time only a few of his most recent bites are now in evidence.


"I have been using your antibacterial clay from Oregon for the past two weeks (since completion of the SSE/PA joint conference). I have found this antibacterial clay superior to Neosporin when it comes to wounds that are open (e.g. actively bleeding from a recent scape).  However, once the wound has scabbed over (and is no longer open to the outside environment), the antibacterial clay has failed to quell the erythema surrounding the scab.  Rather, for any lingering infection/inflammation that is around a new scab, I have found Neosporin to be superior. This makes sense, given that your study of antibacterial clay was done on patients whose lesions from Mycobacterium ulcerans were actually *open* to the environment. Perhaps the antibacterial clay is poorly absorbed from closed skin? Thank you so much for the research that you are doing." — July 7, 2016, from MD, Integrative Medicine Psychiatrist


"I've been using the clay and it's miraculous. I have this unexplained growth on my lower leg that will not heal for 2 years now. I recently had it biopsied for cancer which it's not, but still need third, fourth opinions... It's almost gone from a few days of using the clay. I like it a lot and have already referred others to your website. Thank you." — June 24, 2016


"Sirs: You were kind enough to give me a pot of your "antibacterial" clay at the SSE conference. Here in Romania, my wife suffers much from the bites of fleas upon our many dogs. (I don't suffer at all.) She has applied some of the clay, and it seems, so far, to give considerable relief. I'll keep you posted." — July 18, 2016


"While moving a ladder from behind the shed, I disturbed a wasp nest. They stung me about ten times. I put clay on the stings right away and immediately felt it soothing the pain. Most of the stings were not noticeable anymore within an hour. The worst ones, which were on my forehead, took several hours, but then ceased to swell as well." — July 3, 2016.